Back To Reading Blogs #1: Why I’m Getting Back Into Reading Blogs

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I used to read blogs all the time. It was reading blogs that made me want to start blogging in the first place. When I was blogging, staying up-to-date with other blogs was a constant source of inspiration, a way to learn more about the world through the lens of others and a way to stay connected with the blogging community. But then I stopped.

Why did I stop reading blogs?

  • Social media came along. It’s much easier to engage via social media (how else am I meant to stay up scrolling through my feed until 2AM?!). Other than the convenience of instant likes and comments, the more emphasis there was placed on growing likes and followings, I began to drift away from reading blogs.
  • I stopped blogging. I grew busy with schoolwork, and then I grew busy with life and the next thing I know four years have passed and I haven’t blogged. Nor have I read another blog.
  • Blogging felt like it had become a bloggers exclusive club. As the influencer landscape changed and there was a shift towards monetising blogs, it felt like the content that had drawn me to blogs in the first place was slowly disappearing. With more and more bloggers blogging about blogging it bean to feel that if you weren’t a blogger yourself, blogs weren’t for you anymore.

Why am I getting back into reading blogs?

In a nutshell, for the opposite of the reasons I just mentioned.

  • I want something to replace my social media addiction. While I concede that blogging is still a form of social media, reading blogs makes it far easier to curate the content that you consume. It strikes me as the perfect medium between social media and reading books. Less mindless scrolling, more engagement with the content before me.
  • I want to get back into blogging. As well as finding out what other bloggers are doing and staying inspired, I want to read other bloggers’ content in order to support them.
  • Despite the rumours of its demise, I don’t think blogging is dead. As different social media platforms continue to tinker with their algorithms, the negative effect it’s having on engagement will worsen. As a consequence, I predict a return to bloggers returning their focus on their own platforms as well as community blogging. If that’s the way I think, I should lead the wait, right?

And so what is “Back to Reading Blogs”?

Back to Reading Blogs is a weekly feature where I share the bloggers/ blog posts that I’ve read and enjoyed that week.

This week I read:

  1. How I Made My First Big Affiliate Sale : As someone who is looking to get back into blogging it’s really inspiring to read posts from other bloggers who are making a success of things. Definitely a post to check out if you’re curious as to how Mariam made her first $75 in two weeks just 3 months after blogging
  2. Money Diary: Tracking Expenses for a Week : I’d never thought about tracking my expenses in diary form! My other half and I are currently trying to save money for a trip to Japan (and other less extraordinary spending like plant babies) so this would be a great way to keep track of everything. Find out how Emily did and if it inspired you as it did me!
  3. The Rise of the Side Hustle: How To Find Yours : I’ve been fascinated by the rise of the side hustle as well and Hannah shares some brilliant ideas. As she mentions it can be a great way to monetise your passions without the pressure of it being your full-time gig.
  4. 3 Of My Favourite Cruelty Free Lip Balms : I’m always looking for lip balm that my lips will love – I usually love it for the first couple of weeks before my lips starting flaking. Maybe it’s time for me to try one of Vicky’s recommendations
  5. Best things to do in York – Travel Guide : I want to see more of the UK, and York seems like the perfect place to do so. The Shambles looks like such a magical medieval street reminiscent of Diagon Alley. There are tons more recommendations in Gratsiela’s
  6. Yoga & Well-Being*… : Yes! I love a Yoga babe and Chloe May shares what she does with yoga as well as other tips on how to keep up your well-being. One to check out to add a little dose of happiness to your surroundings.
  7. My Night Routine vs My Dream Night Routine : Humour is good for the soul, and Gemma’s post about reality vs expectations of night time routines is bound to put a smile on your face! Now if only I could stop scrolling Twitter before bed…
  8. Confidence : Paris’s post on confidence reminded me of my own journey with confidence. Some people some to be born with it, but others need to give themselves a little boost. If like me you fall in the latter category, Paris’ blog might resonate with you
  9. Reflections + Realisations Of Late : I really should get into writing my own reflections and life lessons. I turned 28 this month (arghh!) and I think I could probably write a 28 Lessons at 28 post…but I haven’t. Instead I read Bekah’s post and with a lot of similarities, it really resonated with me. Maybe it will with you too?
  10. Mål Paper Daily Goal Setter Planner : I don’t think I’ve ever met a planner I didn’t like. If there was anything other than tumbleweed in my bank account you bet that it would be crying out why I need another planner. This, however, may just be my 2020 planner….

What about you? What blogs/blogposts have you been loving?

Recommend a fellow blogger in the comments below and share the love!

2 thoughts on “Back To Reading Blogs #1: Why I’m Getting Back Into Reading Blogs

  1. I am not addicted to social media but Ive shared more on my Instagram than on my blog. So now I am trying to get back to blogging. I still prefer & love being able to share my life, favorites, and whatnot through a blog post. I aslo enjoy reading other people’s blog as well, but sometimes, I don’t bother to leave comments… So my goal this year is to give some lovin’ on blogs I like. Also, for me to be able to keep my blog udpated, I will try not to get pressured to write “perfectly” or “nicely”. Just let thoughts flow… 🙂

    My top 3 favorites are:

    ^all personal blogs. I’ve always loved personal blogs!

    1. I understand the pressure of keeping things perfect and nice so much! Thank you for sharing <3 I'm really enjoying discovering new blogs and these are going straight to my "to read" list! x

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